Young People Looking For Work – Ignore The Media, There Are Jobs Out There

Hello fellow young job seekers and workers. School and College are finishing in the next couple of months and you will soon have to start looking for a job.  You have heard in the media about the younger generation not getting work and that they can’t get work…

Well, it is not true; and I’m not talking about working in retail, nor am I talking about serving fries. I’m talking about realistic career boosting jobs that are available for young workers.

There are many jobs available for young people, common ones being Apprenticeships and trainee roles where employers will train you on how to do the roles of the job.  There are also vacancies with require no experience or will accept ‘transferable skills’; this is basically where you may have had experience with customers, so you will most likely be equally good talking on the phone to customer and clients.

A good benefit of an Apprenticeship is that you will receive help finding the placement (employer), so you could start working in a large successful company in Manchester, or a local company close to home, depending on what you prefer.   In my own Business and Administration Apprenticeship, I have learnt many skills such as Accounts, Invoicing, Sage, Marketing and Recruitment. Once the Apprenticeship is completed you can then progress through the company reaching higher wages and more complex responsibilities.

Here are some great ways to convince employers you are capable for the job:

  • Be presentable and always dress formally, even if you think that the dress code is more laid back.  A smart bag is preferable to a briefcase like Simon above though.  Your potential employer will appreciate that you have made an effort. 
  • Prepare for the interview, research the company and know your own relevant skills.
  • Be confident when taking about your skills in interviews.
  • Be warm and friendly.
  • Take a copy of your well-structured CV, with your top skills at the top.

But hey, if you are finding it hard to find work, boost your chances of finding work is to register with employment agencies like Essential Personnel, as they can help find vacancies that are best suited for you.  They also have an inside scope on which companies want younger employees and give you some useful CV and interview tips too.  Good luck!

(Photo:  John Wright)