Where Are All The Decent Sales People? Here’s Where They Are!

I have been working on a number of Sales vacancies in the Stockport area recently and the same question arises:  where are all the decent Sales People?

There are some good salaries on offer, some great companies to work in with some lovely offices too.

Just a quick look at Reed or LinkedIn shows lots of Salespeople in the area, but how do you get a good Salesperson?

Firstly, it helps to identify what makes a good Salesperson, typical attributes would be:

  • Keeps striving for more and doesn’t get complacent
  • Is Sales focused, makes time in their diary to sell and sticks to it
  • Has a Sales plan of who they are going to target, when and how; and knows how much they want to earn each month, quarter and year.
  • Takes self responsibility, that is they chase the right deals and keep control of the deals
  • Consistently prospects and sells
  • Properly qualifies prospects by ensuring that there actually a deal to be done
  • Keeps their Sales skills up to date through continual learning

Lots of ‘Salespeople’ do not fall into this category.  They are the whingers, the blamers.  These are often (but not always) the candidates on the job boards seeking their next role.

We know exactly where the very best Sales candidates are.  They are actually in work, happy in their job, making lots of commission, with great changes of progression  We go out to seek these candidates for our clients, but first there is an important question the client should answer:

‘Why would your ideal candidate leave their current job and come and work for you?’.

Equipped with the answer we can proactively find the very best Sales candidates for our clients.