What’s the best way to recruit Bright Sparks into finance?

The global accountancy firm Ernst & Young have announced that it will no longer screen out job applicants based on their degree classification and A level results.  The reasoning?  Internal studies of progression in the company don’t show any link between academic performance and employees’ attainment of more valuable professional qualifications and development.  Instead, the firm will use in-house testing as part of its recruitment to hire those applying to its graduate scheme.  And this approach could be far more effective in finding the best new talent.

For us, being a Bright Spark is as much about outlook and attitude as it is about grades.  They are people who are driven, looking to succeed and develop their skillset.  They are people who will thrive in the right environment, if the opportunities to learn and progress are presented to them.

A large company that takes the time to train its new recruits needs to know that candidates are worth the effort.  Why should smaller businesses bother to train up new employees?  Surely it’s better for a company to hire people who will hit the ground running, with no delay before they can start contributing?

Skills shortages in many industries, in the financial sector and beyond, are rooted in a lack of personal development and in-house training.  One key long-term solution is to encourage and nurture employees to grow and progress.  While you might one day lose the experienced staff you’ve trained to bigger and better things, offering development opportunities is a great incentive to attract new Bright Sparks to your team.

Now, all you need to do is find them!