What’s my secret to being a working mum?

How do I juggle the school runs, school clubs, half term holidays? Running a home and working Monday to Friday, whilst I have to get to work for 9am? Job search, candidate search, meeting new clients, sell, attend meetings? Making the coffee, answering the phones, keeping a diary, updating a database, attend training sessions, and networking, then get back to school for 3pm?  It’s then time to prepare an evening meal, shop, iron, homework, bath time and the usual family tasks.

Being a mum of twins age 10 and working in recruitment – now that’s as good as it gets!

I worked for 22 years, and achieved success as a Standards Manager for a leading transport company; I decided to start a family at the young age of 39. Giving up my career for 6 years to look after my children, I decided to go back to work. However, I found myself really struggling to get back into the work place at Manager level, as my skills had changed. I had been changing nappies for the last few years and not glamorising myself up for work and meetings!

My priorities had changed, and my children came first. I found myself applying for loads of jobs and hearing nothing I realised I had actually changed and needed to alter my CV and career path of what I was looking to do and the hours I could work. Also the travelling distance to and from work was an issue:  I needed to be close to school.

Upon the recommendation of an extremely successful Recruitment Director who told me my administration skills were out of date, and me feeling like an old “has been”, I did something about it and altered my CV and had a completely different attitude! Can Do!

I Can Do it because I am a woman. I multi task, I am organised, and I am in full control of my life.  This is how I Can Do it. I can work in Recruitment and look after my family all in one day!

I fulfilled some temporary work for a leading Stockport Recruitment Agency who saw my Can Do attitude in action. I was snatched up and am now training to be a Recruitment Consultant, working nearly full time hours and I still continue to raise my family!

The ‘Modern Business Woman’ is my business hero as they manage to juggle their career with family life and are still successful in both their roles.  Why? Because WE CAN DO IT!