What Makes Millenials Happy In The Workplace?

Millenials, the next generation of workers aged 18-24, are amongst the happiest in the workplace and some of the hardest working.  We spoke at Marple College today to our next generation candidate pool and learned a lot about what makes them happy in the workplace.

This great infographic from City & Guilds gives some good tips too.

If you are looking to recruit a young worker in Stockport, we have about 60 potential candidates freshly signed up!  The enthusiasm to listen, learn and contribute to the workshops was encouraging, plus they all turned up on time, just the attributes employers say they look for in a new employee.

Once you have attracted and employed a young employee, the trick is now to keep them.  Offer training, progression, support and a fair salary and they will stay, becoming a real asset to your business.

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