Are You Being Underpaid At Work? Take Our Salary Survey

This week I have undertaken some salary surveys on behalf of my clients.  They want to know the current ‘going rate’ for salaries for the roles they are recruiting for, so that they can attract the very best candidates.

With the economy picking up, candidates are in a position where they can pick and choose who they work for.  We are seeing particular high demand for in top achieving Sales People, Recruitment Consultants, Precision Engineers, Conveyancers and Independent Financial Advisors to name a few in our niche recruitment in Stockport.

Are you being underpaid?  Firstly, we would like to hear your current salary for your job at our brand sparkling new salary survey.

Here are some signs that you may be being underpaid:

  • You have been in a job for a number of years without a pay increase, a small pay increase or even a decrease in your pay.
  • Your company’s profits have increased but your salary hasn’t.
  • You have taken on more responsibilities without a pay rise.
  • Newer employees doing the same job as you, who are being paid more.

Look at why you could be underpaid.  Is the company is not keeping up with the market; are you happy to be just in a job, believing there are no other jobs out there; or is it because your skills are out of date?

If this is you, take a look at similar roles on our website to compare your salary.  You may find that your salary is indeed underpaid.  If this is the case, you have two options:  Negotiate a pay rise with your current employer, or speak to us to find your next role, because there are plenty of roles out there.  Also consider whether you need to undertake any additional training or need to learn new skills.

Remember your next new role is not just about the money; think about whether your next employer is well regarded, offers good training and progression opportunities and fits your personality too.