What Do Recruitment Agencies Do?

I have seen a meme doing the rounds about Recruitment Consultants. It shows ‘what my friends think I do. What my mom thinks I do. What society thinks I do. What applicants think I do What I think I do. What I actually do.’  Is it true?  Here is what Recruitment Agencies do; and how you can get the best out of them.

Essential Personnel operates as a recruitment agency for placing permanent roles; and a recruitment business for staffing temporary roles. Here is a general overview of how we work:

  • Proactively target employers with your CV.
  • Pre-screen your CV and offer tips and advice.
  • Offer interview advice.
  • Feedback and advice from interviews you have attended.
  • Useful blogs and information to help you find a job.

And here is how to get the most out of our service:

  • Answer or return our phone calls – you never know what the opportunity is on offer.
  • Have your up to date CV ready – we have had applicants send us their CV one day, interview the next and start work the following week.
  • Be ready with your documentation too, we need to see proof of National Insurance and ID such as a passport or full birth certificate. If you need a visa to work in the UK, make sure that is in order too.
  • Be open to opportunities, maybe a different industry, a smaller employer when you have always worked for bigger companies, a slightly further commute or slightly different hours from what you normally work.
  • Communicate with us. If you don’t want to attend an interview, let us know so we can let another person go.  Give feedback from interviews too, it will help us help you find your perfect job.
  • Tell us of any companies you have already applied to, or other agencies you are working with, so that we don’t duplicate efforts (and make you look desperate)

Are we really looking for a needle in a haystack as PerceptionvsFact.com suggest? Well yes, sometimes it feels like it for jobs which have niche skills or are a little more challenging.  But what we really do is bring people together; employers and employees.