Thinking you might move jobs in 2016? Here’s our outlook for the year!

2015 was fantastic year for skilled people looking for work and now that we’re a month into 2016, it looks to be a similar year ahead.  Most employers were running their businesses with little space for taking on extra work, making them eager to hire the right candidates to grow their business.  Shortages of strong, skilled people in many industries have also pushed up salaries to try to tempt people into their workforce.

The number of people currently in employment is at its highest level for 10 years.  Yet despite this, many businesses are still looking to hire – a recent international report by the accountancy firm PwC surveying 1400 major corporations found that two-thirds of those in the UK were looking to continue hiring.

One of the busiest industries to find work in at the moment is engineering.  In the North-west and in easy reach of Stockport, there are big infrastructure and other projects in the pipeline – like HS2 and extensions to the Manchester Metrolink network – that will create lots of demand for skilled technical workers this year and beyond, and more opportunities for those keen to start training as well.  And of course, investment in infrastructure often encourages other businesses to make the most of them and will have a knock on effect on hiring in other industries that are already stretched.

Accounting and Finance is another key section of the jobs market that has lots of opportunities. There’s a real lack of people with the right training and experience, so skills are in high demand. Where there are gaps in the skills available, you might find that businesses will provide lots of opportunities for more training in 2016 as older, experienced members of staff look to retire and are keen to mentor their replacements before they go! Of course, when skills are in high demand, the salaries companies will be willing to fork out for the right staff will keep going up too.

If you’re feeling stuck in your career this year, 2016 might just be the time to do it! There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to change your job, move up a step on the ladder or find some training to do something completely different.