The Top 5 Benefits Your Employees Look For When Job Seeking

By October 14, 2014 Recruitment Tips and Advice

What are your ideal potential employees looking for when job seeking? Chase Templeton takes us through the top sought-after employee rewards and benefits.

When we are job seeking we will all, generally, have a very specific vision of what we want our role to look like in our next place of work. Similarly, most job seekers have expectations regarding the company benefits that will be provided for them.

For high-calibre candidates with a great deal of experience and qualifications, there is as much pressure on the employer to meet certain needs in order to be able to compete with other top companies seeking the same candidate. To stand out, your company must be able to provide the most sought-after employee rewards as well as the competitive salary that a talented individual wants and expects from their employer.

The top 5 benefits for job seekers according to Danielle Middleton of Chase Templeton

5.  Flexi-time

With the rise of Cloud computing, working from anywhere has become possible for many employees – and a welcome opportunity. Not only does it make life substantially easier for employees who regularly travel far and wide for their work, but it better enables those who wish to work flexible hours to do so without reducing their chances of career progression.

This is often a key concern for those in highly competitive careers who also wish to have a family. Encouraging flexi-time in the workplace allows employees to retain a better work-life balance without having a detrimental effect on their careers, and has been proven to improve employee efficiency as they are able to work when it is best for them.

4.  Gym Membership

Health and fitness is not only beneficial to individuals but also to your business. Employees who take part in regular exercise are healthier and therefore taken fewer sick days, saving your business money in the long term. Gym memberships are most valued in professions that involve sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

3.  Holidays

Holidays are a precious commodity to all employees, regardless of industry. By providing above the average you are informing candidates that you recognise the importance of a work-life balance and that their holiday time is a reward for their hard work.

Many companies offer an increased number of holiday days as an incentive to employees for excelling in their work or for giving years of service to the business. Including this in your job description will inform a potential employee that achievements are not over-looked but rewarded as appropriate

2.  Contributory Pension Scheme

In early 2013 HMRC’s auto-enrolment for contributory pension schemes began to roll out for workplaces throughout the UK. However, for many employees this could still result in a contribution of as little as 1% to their pension pot.

A contributory pension scheme not only tells potential employees that you are an empathetic employer, but you are willing to recognise the work they have contributed towards the success of the business with a more substantial financial reward for their future.

1.  Inclusive Medical Insurance For All The Family

Private health insurance for employees and their loved ones provides peace of mind. It is one of the most highly valued employee rewards and is often essential to attracting and retaining high-calibre candidates. Your business is demonstrating the importance of the employee’s health and that of their family to your company, while in-turn working to minimise the number of absences in the workplace.

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Danielle Middleton is a digital content writer for Chase Templeton.  Find out more about the health insurance packages available from Chase Templeton, a provider for businesses and individuals throughout the UK. Chase Templeton work closely with businesses to create health insurance packages that best meet the needs of their workforce.