The Importance of Maths and English Qualifications In The Workplace

There is a lot of coverage in the press at the moment about individuals leaving education and not being literate and numerate. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 CVs have several spelling mistakes; and the same is true of cover letters.

This is highly concerning, especially because one of the first things employers will look for in an applicant is a good pass in English and Maths. So it is very important that you get a C or above in these subjects.  For many Accounts & Finance based roles, or Engineering, the employer will often ask for a grade A.

For most other jobs, a grade C and above is preferred. To some employers, this is even more important than A levels.

The good news though is that as an adult, if you didn’t manage to get the grades you wanted, it is very easy to re-sit these qualifications, whilst a Level 2 qualification is a widely accepted equivalent to a grade C and above at GCSE level.

Many employers take it upon themselves to test these skills at interview, so don’t be surprised if you are required to take tests at interview. Make sure you do the test.  In our experience as Recruitment Consultants, we have had instances (many of them unfortunately) where people have not felt confident enough to do the tests.   Ask yourself ‘what is the worst that can happen?’.  Even if you don’t get a brilliant result on the test, it is not always a deal breaker.   Even the fact that you were prepared to sit the test may be enough to convince an employer that you are right for a job.

So, if you’ve already got these qualifications then great. If not, don’t fret!  Keep trying until you get there, and open up those once closed employment doors.