Temporary Work: 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

8 things you need to know about temporary work

Doing temporary work has a bad reputation. There are definitely companies that abuse the system, such as taking workers on for 12 weeks, then letting them go once they would be entitled to additional pay or benefits. We’ve even heard horror stories of other local recruitment agencies in Stockport and Cheshire not informing their candidates fully of their entitlement, and pocketing holiday pay and other benefits for themselves.

A permanent contract will always be preferable to a temporary one, but temping doesn’t have to mean zero hours or waiting by the phone for work.  Many of our clients use temporary staff as a trial period towards permanent positions, or to get around hiring restrictions from head office – a couple of our temps have been at the same placement for over 2 years!

It doesn’t matter if you’re about to start a temporary contract with an agency, are looking for short-term work, or even if you’ve turned your nose up at agency work in the past. We’ve compiled a list of of the 8 questions we’re most often asked so that you can be fully informed of what to expect and your rights and entitlements as a temporary worker.

What are my rights as a temporary worker? 8 FAQs