How to use non-verbal communication to ace your next job interview

By November 28, 2016 Interview Advice and Tips
Body language advice for job interviews

10% of communication is what you say.  The rest is non-verbal communication; body language is a big part of that.

There are other forms of non-verbal communication you might need to be aware of besides body language too. These are:

1. Your personal grooming and hygiene.

Make sure you are cleaned and well groomed. Gentlemen, trim your trendy beards, and shave your not-so-trendy ones.  Ladies, natural looking make-up is best and only wear a small amount of fragrance; too much can be overpowering.  Make sure your breath smells nice so avoid any overly strong foods and stick to tea rather than coffee; if in doubt, have a mint, but don’t be chewing gum during the interview.

2. Your interview attire

Dress smart, ideally in a suit, in conservative colours – think of dark blues, greys, blacks and brown. Definitely not bright orange.  What you may consider to be a “creative” and modern place to work could actually be very formal.  You won’t know a company’s dress code until you get to interview. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, and the effort you’ll have made will be noted.  Don’t get caught out!  Make sure your shoes are clean and polished and that they’re comfortable. High-heels that you can’t walk in will make you look unprofessional.  Hopefully it should go without saying that trainers, sandals with socks, flip-flops etc are a big no-no.

3. Tattoos, piercings and body modifications

Tattoos can give a lot away about you, so cover them up.  A Manchester United tattoo on show definitely won’t go down well if the interviewer is a blue. With piercings and other modifications, if you can remove them, do so. Some employers hate them, others embrace them, so take them out and you can gauge more at interview or when you start working as to how your potential employer tolerates them. Read a bit more about tattoos and piercings at work here.

For your next job interview, it might help to do a mock-up with a friend or relative and ask them what they think of the way you act during the process.  Put on your interview clothes so you feel comfortable in them and just have a practice. It will help with the nerves too if you feel prefer.

If there’s any more advice you need, below is a great infographic from Career Bliss with some extra body language tips to help you through your next job interview: