How To Use Body Language To Ace An Interview

By July 29, 2014 Interview Advice and Tips

10% of communication is what you say.  The rest is non verbal communication, of which body language is a big part.

This fabulous infographic from Melissa Dawn shows how to use body language in an interview.  It is a good idea is to practice your interview and ask a friend to observe your body language.

There are other forms of non verbal communication to be aware of, these are:

1.  Your personal grooming and hygiene.  Make sure you are cleaned, groomed and gentlemen, trim your trendy beards.  Ladies, make sure nails are neat and polished, not too long as you may be asked to do a typing test.  Natural looking make up is best.  Wear a small amount of fragrance, too much can be overpowering.  Make sure your breath smells nice, if in doubt, have a mint, never chewing gum, before interview.

2. Your interview attire – dress smart, ideally in a suit, in conservative colours.  What you may consider to be ‘the most media of media companies in Media City Salford’ could actually be very formal and you won’t know this until you get to interview.  Don’t get caught out!  Make sure shoes are clean and ladies, beware of heels over 10cm (3 inches).  Too high a high heel can be uncomfortable to walk in and it will show in your walk.

3.  Tattoos can give a lot away about you, cover them up.  A Manchester United tattoo will give a lot away to the Manchester City fan interviewing you before you have even opened your mouth.

4.  Piercings and body modifications – if you can, take it out.  Some employers hate them, others embrace them, take them out and you can gauge more at interview how your potential employer tolerates them.

Infographic _body _language


Thank you to Melissa Dawn for the great infographic.