How Job Roles in Customer Service Have Evolved

We place lots of candidates in Customer Service roles in Stockport.  If you are considering a career in Customer Service, here is how the role has evolved over the years. recently did a survey reflecting the demands which customers place on businesses for Customer Service.  The role of Customer Service often requires evening and weekend working to meet these demands; although we also place Customer Service roles working 9-5 during the week.

The way that Customer Service is delivered has also changed, from face to face through to Social Media.  Telephone is still the number one way of delivering Customer Service and this is where the majority of roles we recruit for come from.

Customer Service is an important function in the company and is often the first impression that a customer gets.  If the Customer Service is excellent, then the customer is more likely to stay; conversely if the Customer Service is poor, the survey suggests that 62% of customers will switch to another company.

If you are considering a career in Customer Service, the opportunities to progress are fantastic, with typical career paths leading to Team Leader, Operations Manager, Quality Manager or even Customer Service Manager.

Customer Service - Allday PA conducted the survey and offer a bespoke telephone answering service to suit any size of business.