How Do I Find The Right Career For Me?

By May 7, 2014 Career Advice and Tips

College and University are about to finish and guess what, you are about to drop off the education conveyor belt into the world of work.  Undecided what to do?  Here’s a guide for students.

We think this infographic from Career Savvy offers some great tips for students about to leave education and start their careers.  With so many choices from Animator to Zookeeper, here are some things to consider:

  • Assess your current skills
  • Do some research into what jobs use those skills
  • Take some online quizzes
  • Dabble!  Try things you think you might like.

The average person changes jobs 11 times in their career; and has 3 different career types, so not everybody gets their career choice right first time.  By taking a little time out to consider your options, you will be packed off the education conveyor belt, bound for an exciting and rewarding career, rather than ending up in the odd ends bin!

career path

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