Hang On In There Like David Moyes? Or Leave A Job You No Longer Enjoy or Excel At?

I’ve heard it numerous times.  ‘I hate my job’.  Others hang on in a job they used to be good at, but have found themselves failing at recently; and like David Moyes, you could be pushed before you jump. Yet the obvious solution, getting another job, is hardly ever followed through.

‘There are no other jobs out there’ is the often given as a response to the question ‘Why don’t you get another job’.  As a recruiter, I would say this is a load of rubbish!  We are busier than ever with new jobs being created across our clients.   Why not take it as a reality check to move on to a role that better suits your talents, aspirations and culture.  It will probably pay more too.

If you find yourself failing at a job you once excelled at, take a good look at why this has happened. Have working techniques changed, such as increased use of social media?  Have your clients’ needs changed?  Has the market changed?  Have the skills to do the job changed?  And have you stood still doing the same thing you always did?

Paying the bills or thinking that there are no jobs out there are not good enough reasons to stay in a job;  however Sarah Butcher of eFinancialcareers.com offers some reasons to stick at a job:

  • You can actually change things for the better
  • You are sticking with your long term career strategy
  • You are learning what you enjoy and new skills
  • You have a great relationship with your boss and can ask for other responsibilities

If none of the above apply to you, it is time to move on before you resent the job, or are asked to leave like David Moyes.