Employer Branding – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

By September 5, 2014 News

Happy Friday everyone!   As you can see, this is a whole new look for Essential Personnel.

We hope you like our new identity, we are often asked ‘What is employer branding and why is it important?’

Employer branding is how people see your company, the behaviours they expect from your company and what people think of your company.  Employers have spent thousands, even millions of pounds on Employer branding, however research suggests that the early adopters of Employer Branding have attracted more, rather than better candidates to apply.  All this means is that the employer still has to sift through applications and CVs.

So how do you attract the right candidates to your company through Employer Branding?

Our goal is to work with the top 10% of candidates, the bright sparks, in each of our niche sectors.

Firstly, we thought about our existing website and how it portrayed us.  We felt that it was professional, but very generic, quite the opposite of our friendly, sparky personalities.

We then thought about what we wanted to achieve from our new branding, this is to attract the top 10% of candidates.

Then we thought about the desired behaviours of an Essential Personnel team member, this is to provide great service, do what we say we will do, work with amazing clients, build rapport, stay informed and up to date and don’t mither people.

We added to this how we wanted to be seen to the world:  Trustworthy, teamwork, tolerant, bright and happy.

Finally we thought about our vision:  To provide a fantastic service, to change people’s lives for the better, and to help our staff achieve their goals and dreams; in order to become the most successful agency in Stockport.

Throughout the process we involved our team, as ultimately they will be delivering the new brand and behaviours.

We have been strident in our visual identity and branding.  We came up with ‘Bright Sparks’ as we feel it reflects the top 10% of candidates to work with; and to work with the best clients with the top jobs.

For us, the new branding is about more than a new logo and website; it is a business necessity to continue to grow and develop in a crowded marketplace.  The UK economy is improving and therefore candidates are in a position to pick and choose which employer to work for.  Salary and benefits are no longer enough to secure the best candidates; the very best candidates are seeking career progression in a well regarded company, which has the behaviours which match their values.

For recruiting companies, the cost of a failed hire is estimated at £47,000 for an £18,000 salary.  This is a combined cost of recruiting the candidate, training and colleagues training the new recruit rather than doing their usual duties.  It is therefore highly important to get recruitment right.  Attitude, rather than skills and qualifications will ensure a good hire.

Consider these statistics:

26% of candidates cannot accept feedback

17% lack motivation

46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months

Only 19% of new hires will be highly successful

As a Recruitment Agency, we go out to get the top 10% of candidates, the highly successful, bright spark candidates for our clients.  We go beyond simply advertising job vacancies on the job boards, we source the very best candidates through headhunting and networking.  We help overcome the skills shortages in niche sectors such as Conveyancing and Precision Engineering through being proactive.

We are looking forward to a bright new future and we will continue to improve and innovate, we hope you will join us on this exciting new journey!