Don’t Lose Your Job Over One Of These Stupid Things

Nice and simple blog for this Friday, despite impressing your new employers with your attitude, enthusiasm and skills, you could lose your job over one of these stupid things.

Recruitment surveyed employers and found the top annoying traits of new employers.  Some are obvious, some are etiquette and some are often included in the employee handbook as disciplinary offences.  All are incredibly easy and stupid ways you could end up losing your colleagues’ respect and even your job.

Here is my Friday take away:

1.  Turn up 10 minutes before your work start time.

2.  Treat everyone with respect.

3.  Use social networking sites in a business context or during permitted times such as breaks.

4.  Only use your phone in an emergency or during breaks.  An emergency is not tonight’s pay day party.

5.  Check your company dress code, if jeans or shorts are OK, go ahead.  If not leave them in the wardrobe.

6.  Don’t friend everyone in the office on Facebook, they probably want to keep their private lives private.

7.  Get stuck in with office tasks, it helps team morale and achievement.

8.  Lunchtime drinks are OK for birthdays, other celebrations and networking events, keep it sensible and only have one.

9.  You wouldn’t talk about an ex on a new date, so why talk about your old job.  Leave it in the past and focus on your bright new future.

10.  Office jokes – yes they do circulate and can be fun.  Check both your staff handbook and the company vibe.  If in doubt, don’t send it.


Some companies are far more relaxed than others, firstly read your staff handbook and then lay low for the first few weeks and determine what is tolerated within your office.  Be known for being an amazing colleague rather than the office clown.