Don’t assume: You’ll never know unless you ask!

When you come in to register with us and speak to one of our recruitment consultants, they ask a lot of questions.  It’s not because they haven’t read through your CV or looked at your registration forms (honest!), but just because they want to make sure they’ve got all the facts and not make any assumptions about your work history or skills, or what you’re looking for in a job. By doing that, it means we’re pretty good at matching the right people with the right job openings.

Trying to avoid any assumptions whenever you can is a good strategy to have in all aspects of your career.

Don’t just assume that your experience or qualifications are good enough!

There’s more to good hiring than just finding someone who meets the requirements of the job.   The information on your CV will only get you to an interview, and if there’s a lot of competition for a role, then you’ll need to make sure it stands out.  That doesn’t mean you need to embellish your skills: instead make sure your personality and your ambition show through, mentioning the things you’ve achieved and how you’ve improved.  Style matters too, as well as substance, so make sure your CV is formatted properly and check it for any typos and spelling mistakes!

Don’t just assume that your boss can read your mind!

If you’ve been in a role for a while and haven’t been offered any additional responsibility or promotions that you think you deserve, it might simply be because no-one knows you want them! It’s highly unlikely you work for a mind reader, so if there’s something you aren’t happy with, it won’t get fixed unless you flag it up.  So be proactive in asking for what you want, or nothing will ever change.  And this advice applies to the other side of the table too – just because your staff aren’t complaining, doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Things might be fine, but you’ll never know unless you ask!