Dont give up your job in a pandemic before you find a new one

By May 4, 2020 News

I’ve just had two people call me.

They are both looking for work.

They are both in work and have been for the past few years.

One has resigned without a job to go to.

The company let him go the same day.

He is now looking for work in the middle of a pandemic.

He is panicking. He cannot find anything.

He has a family to support

The other one is still working in a job he hates.

He is too over qualified for the role and wants to progress.

He is being paid. He has work.

I’ve told him to hang on in there. He has worked there for 3 years.

Hang in there for a couple of months until we come out of this.

Is this what you would have advised?

I think anyone who has a job and is in work is in a good place.

Being furloughed isn’t good.

Your job could be at risk.

If you are attending work then your job is essential and your income secure

Moral of the story Don’t give up your job until you have secured another especially not in the middle of a pandemic!

This is my view. What is yours? Can you relate to this story?