Confessions Of A Recruitment Consultant

Here at Essential Personnel we love our jobs as Recruitment Consultants.  We match employees with employers and on a daily basis we encounter the good, the bad and the downright weird.  Here are some recent howlers we have experienced that you can avoid.

Your CV:

Putting strange hobbies and interests on your CV, such as tying knots.

Not checking the spelling – for example you worked at that well known electrical retailer ‘Curries’, or using the word roll (as in bread roll) instead of role (job role).

Not putting your GCSEs or O Levels on your CV because the Job Centre told you not to They are important for employers, no matter how long ago you sat them.

Arriving At An Interview:


With bad breath.

With food down your best suit.

In shorts and flip flops.

Wearing what is obviously your mum or dad’s suit.

With your friend.

Or worse, with your grandad, who proceeds to answer all your questions for you.

During The Interview:

Telling a sob story.

Not smiling at all.

After The Interview

Asking if you can work part time when the job you have applied for is full time.

Being offered the job and declining it on the basis that it is not paying enough, even though you knew the salary when you applied.

These are all real things that have happened to us and they are more common than you think.  Avoid them and you will be remembered for all the right reasons.