When you’re recruiting someone new for your business you don’t need 100 CVs – you need the right candidate.

But finding the right people takes time and money – two things you want to spend wisely. That’s where we come in.  We help businesses like yours across the North West find people who are the right fit for the role and, just as importantly, the right fit for your business.

How? For each and every client we follow six essential steps:


Step 1

We always meet you face-to-face to discuss the specific requirements of the vacancy and your company’s values and objectives. This in-depth analysis ensures you get the perfect candidate and we can tell them what it will be like to work for you.

Step 2

We don’t rely on traditional recruitment methods to connect with the brightest candidates. Our extensive network has been built up over a decade and we also use targeted social media to find someone who is the perfect fit for your business.

Step 3

Our rigorous screening process means we meet every single candidate in person. We only recommend people we believe have the necessary skills for the role and are an impeccable match for your business culture.

Step 4

We run the entire recruitment process – from setting up interviews to providing honest feedback. We want things to run as smoothly as possible ­– for our clients and our candidates.

Step 5

We manage the offer process, handling salary and benefit negotiations on your behalf. We steer candidates through counter-offers and keep in touch with the successful applicant right up to their start date.

Step 6

Our commitment doesn’t end once you have your new recruit. We check regularly to ensure you are both completely happy. If any issues do arise, we offer guidance, support and feedback to both parties.


Put simply, if your business is growing, so is ours. That’s why we also offer valued clients additional essential benefits, including leadership development training, talent strategy advice and access to exclusive events with specialist guest speakers.


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  Cathy Bates

  Managing Director
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