Charity Fundraising At Work – We Are Going Bowling… Blindfolded!

We are really excited about the 19th of March.  We are going Blind Bowling!  Yes tenpin bowling blindfolded.  We are taking part in a challenge in aid of Walthew House, a Stockport based charity offering support, classes and activity to people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hearing impaired or have dual sensory loss.  We are even sponsoring the event.  Why do companies get involved in Charity work?

I have worked in a number of companies fundraising on Red Nose Day and Children in Need.   It is a one off day where everyone gets in the fundraising mood, then it is back to normal.  On the other scale of the spectrum, I worked for a company which had its own charitable foundation and was always hosting charitable events from corporate dinners to sports challenges, all very time consuming for the volunteers.

The benefits are numerous:  Staff motivation, teamwork, customer engagement, networking with other local businesses and even PR opportunities.  Of course the charity benefits from much needed fundraising too.

There are other useful things a company can do to help a charity.  Some organisations give their employees volunteering leave; or offer a service for free to support a charity.  Other companies offer goods to help with the day to day running of the charity such as stationery, goods or prizes for raffles.

All are useful to the charity but I am really looking forward to the Walthew House Cup Blind Bowling.  We recently met the blind bowlers and were inspired by their energy and determination to beat us (and I am sure they will).  Not only that, I will get to meet other local business and have fun with my colleagues – we will be talking about the event in the office for weeks if not months.

For more information about Walthew House, visit