Cancelling Interviews

Got an interview for that job you applied for but you didn’t think you would get selected for? Make sure you go. Do not cancel it!

Today an applicant at Essential Personnel cancelled his interview with a local company. We had got him in to the office beforehand to prepare. He had his interview clothes ready , had researched the company and was ready to rock and roll.

He is only a young lad so hasn’t had a job before apart from apprenticeships and part time jobs whilst studying.

At the last minute  he bottled it. Well not the last minute. More like an hour before he called to cancel.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

All interviews are worth going to. They provide practice, allow you to get rid of your nerves, you will get better at interviews and they won’t seem so scary and you never know you may even get the job and want to accept it.

It reminds me of the time when 30 years ago I called to cancel my second interview as a recruiter. Luckily I was persuaded to go and recruitment has been my life’s work ever since.

If a company has invited you for interview they are serious about wanting to hire you-DON’T CANCEL