Is your business running at full capacity? Here’s 1 easy way to fix it!

A recent survey has shown that 19 out of 20 employers would struggle to cope with increased demand on their business.  That means 95% of UK business is running at almost full capacity! Some businesses may end up turning down additional work or contracts because they’re reluctant to hire new permanent staff in case things too keep up; this could prove particularly problematic in the run up to Christmas.


“I can’t hire new staff if the business isn’t going to grow, but my business can’t grow without hiring new staff!”

One solution could be to take on temporary staff to fill the gaps: and take on short-term staff when a busy period comes up.  With temporary contracts, there’s no obligation to keep workers on for longer than necessary (although the employee has no notice period either!).  Taking on temps can also allow you trial an employee for a longer period.  If a permanent position were to become available, then you can take less risk in transferring an employee from a temporary to permanent contract.

A temp’s not just for Christmas…

It’s a myth that temporary employees are just for seasonal periods, or that they provide an expensive way to cover for permanent staff on holiday or parental leave.  Many companies use temps to help out in busy periods.  Temps add extra flexibility to their workforce so they can adapt to changes in business. They can also help when recruiting for the future: 3 in 5 businesses that use temporary workers have converted at least one into a permanent member of staff.

But what sort of person only works in short bursts?

So who are temps? Many temps are people who have recently lost their jobs and want to ensure there’s still money coming in while they search for something new: they might be over-qualified for a role, but could jump straight into a position without minimal disruption.  Alternatively, they might want to use the opportunity to prove themselves and get a foot through the door of another company.  Many people who are starting their own businesses also take on temporary work too, as they can work flexibly and at short-notice.  Some people are great at what they do, and simply like the variety.

Of course, you’ll always struggle to take someone out of the security of a permanent position and into a temporary without a really good reason.


So if you need help looking for temporary staff, or want temporary work yourself, get in touch! Give us a call and let’s talk temps!