Bright Sparks of Stockport: Managing Director

Stuart Bradley, Trust

No two CVs are the same. No matter what decisions you make in your education and career, it’s no guarantee of what doors might open for you. In this feature, we interview some of the Bright Sparks of Stockport and share some of their career journeys, successes and mistakes alike, to help inspire and encourage you to find your spark.

In today’s post, Stuart Bradley from branding agency Trust tells his story.

Stuart Bradley, Trust

Q: What do you currently do?

SB:  I’m currently the Managing Director of Trust. Trust is a branding agency that builds brands based on the values of our clients. We are different because we really listen and understand the core values of our clients. By doing this we properly understand their business and the goals. With this information we create brands that help them to grow their business.

It must be working – we were recognised as Business of the Year (up to £1m) in the Stockport Business Awards 2015 (an award previously won by Essential Personnel – so it must be good).

Q: What qualifications do you have?

SB: Old ones! HND Design (specialising in Advertising), ND in technical illustrations, 2x A-levels, 10x GCSEs.

Q: What was your biggest career flop?

SB: Finally getting to the role of Creative Director – which had been my career aim since day one – and realising that I hated it. I was in the wrong position in the wrong company with no support from my managers and a completely disengaged team to manage. I spent all my time trying to fix the team and no time doing creative work.

It was definitely the lowest point in my career.

Q: How did you progress to the job you have today?

SB: By learning from all the mistakes I’ve made. And learning from all the mistakes I’ve witnessed other design and advertising agencies make, and taking the good and positive things from all those situations and putting them into Trust. Together with my business partner we’re trying to build an agency that doesn’t make the mistakes we’ve witnessed in other businesses. I’m sure we’ll make a whole load of new ones instead though!

So when it came to deciding roles and responsibilities I didn’t want to be Creative Director (again), so by default I became Managing Director.

Q: Finally, what are your three keys to success?

SB: Listen to as many people who are prepared to give you advice

Try new things. Make mistakes. Learn from them.

Never give up. (Even when you’re really down. Get up and try again.)