Bored Whilst Furloughed -Do This!

By April 23, 2020 News

Bored Bored Bored

During our period at home in 2020 while we are on lock-down I see everyone on Facebook and  Instagram  saying how bored they are and everyone I speak to over the phone or zoom  (I’m doing loads of these) are saying how bored they are.
It’s unusual to see folk envious of people going to work. I never thought I would see the day!!
People are out exercising- running, walking, cycling-my neighbourhood have gone exercise crazy.
Houses  are  decluttered and redecorated and  gardens look amazing
There are too many hours in the day
I’m sure you like me have been through this range of emotions-Shock, tears, maybe anger, definitely fear and possibly anxiety.
As the weeks go on we may drift in and out of these emotions.
Some of us may be stuck in a dark place. Some may have been able to move to a place of acceptance.
Covid 19 is beyond our control.

All we can do is make the best of a bad situation.

If you can accept the situation for what it is then well done. This is where the magic can happen.
In recruitment the vast majority of the roles we deal with have some sort of administrative aspect to them.
Excel is a requirement of 80 percent of our roles BUT only 20%of our candidates have great Excel skills.
Even candidates who are looking for admin and accounts roles don’t seem to realise the importance of Excel as a prerequisite of any admin role.
We may only be in lock down in the UK for the next 3 weeks.
Instead of being bored, get out of your comfort zone and go learn something that will be valuable to you inside and outside of your work.
Learn Excel, the more advanced features such as formulas, v look ups, pivot tables. There are loads of resources on line.
If you learn this you can get it on your CV,  feel proud that you have achieved something, improve your confidence at work and it will put you head and shoulders above your colleagues and give you more skills in your job.
Become the 20% of candidates with great excel skills
Maybe you already know Excel or it really isn’t relevant. Well think of what else you can learn. Use your brain. Go to bed tired at night knowing you have learned something. Never stop learning. There is always something to learn as the world is continually evolving