For employers and job hunters, the secret is to be specific

Whether you’re looking to hire, or looking to be hired, specificity is the name of the game.

For those hiring, it means making sure you know exactly what you want from a new employee – the experience and qualifications they might need, the tasks they’ll be expected to perform and the attitude and personality that will fit with your existing staff.  Leave details to go unconsidered, and you risk hiring someone who isn’t what you wanted, or who may not be happy doing a job they didn’t know they’d applied for.

When it comes to your job search, specificity means making sure you know exactly what you’re about so you can be sending of applications to the right positions.  And, if you know exactly the sort of job you’d like to do, tracking down the vacancies and businesses to apply for becomes a lot simpler.

Once you’ve started sending applications off, make sure each one is unique to the role you want to be considered for.  You should be presenting yourself as the perfect applicant for your perfect job in your CV, ideally describing yourself with the job title of the position you want.  While it’s easy to be specific about qualifications, soft-skills – the things like communication, teamwork and persuasiveness – are often forgotten.

Don’t just write about having those skills though.  Give specific examples of when you used them: the presentations and reports you compiled, the group projects you worked on, and all those sales targets you met.  Being able to give these details helps you stand out.  Vagueness will only help you to blend in.

For clients and candidates alike, when you’re using a recruitment agency like us, you’ll get the best deal if you’re clear and specific about what you want.