Are you due a pay rise?

Despite having one of the most well-educated workforces in the North-west, Stockport sits below the national average when it comes to how much we’re taking home in our pay. Although it’s not just Stockport – Britain in general has seen people’s pay change very little over the last 10 years in real terms. Even statutory minimum wage increases have only just kept pace with the increasing cost of living.

While you can expect to net a generous wage hike when you switch jobs, many employers are waking up to the fact that their best staff will be getting more money if they choose to work elsewhere. It might be the best time to ask your employer for a salary increase, or indeed, look at what better opportunities are out there.

Power in the jobs market is in the hands of the employee, who can often pick and choose between job offers. And employers are increasingly willing to up salaries to secure the best staff.

Switching jobs can net a salary increase of 6% or more: if you’re on £18,000 at the moment, that’s an extra £1000 a year. So if you’re not all that happy where you are now, it might be the best time to explore your career options for the future!

Recent government statistics show that real pay growth, not including bonuses, increased for the first time in the 3 months up to February this year. And the REC puts this rise down to employers who are wary about losing staff to higher paying competitors! If you’re happy working where you are, it might be the best time to ask your boss for a pay rise.

If you’re underpaid or undervalued with your current employer, take a look at our live jobs to see what you might be earning somewhere else.