Are You A Member Of The Working Dead?

Stressed, panicked, and at breaking point, the Working Dead Zombies are infecting workplaces and devouring productivity.  Are you one?  Do you work with one?  How do you avoid the curse of the Working Dead?

If you work with one of the Zombies identified by AtTask, it can have a toxic effect on your work and even your home life.  A Shuffler Zombie can impact on your ability to meet deadlines.  A Crawler Zombie avoiding company, or even external / legally mandated processes could at best cause trouble with customers and at the very worst, have your company fined or closed down.  Meanwhile working with a Howler Zombie who constantly complains can be emotionally draining.

How do happy workers turn into Working Dead Zombies?  We say it is down to the company culture.  Does your company stay stuck in its ways?  If so, it will be a breeding ground for the Crawler Zombie, who is trying to do good by doing things by a new, faster method.  Has your company set unrealistic targets?  If so, the Thriller Zombie with their over-inflated figures, or the the Runner Zombie with their endless meetings to discuss a meeting will thrive.

Check out your company culture.  If it is stagnant, stuck in its ways, isn’t innovating, has poor leadership or ridiculous targets, it is time for you to move on to another role before you too become a member of the Working Dead.

Working Dead

Thank you to AtTask for the fabulous infographic