7 in 10 employers are looking to hire this summer

By July 27, 2015 News

Seven out of ten UK employers are looking to recruit for permanent job vacancies between July and September this year, according to a survey of 600 employers by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.  That’s a 10% jump compared to the same surveys in May and June 2015!  The survey also revealed that almost all businesses estimate that they would struggle to cope with increased demand.  Does this sound familiar?

For workers, salaries are rising and Bright Sparks with the right skillsets are in high demand.  Unfortunately, skills shortages in many sectors, from accounting and finance to engineering, mean that employers are facing greater challenges in finding the right people for their business.  But the more employers that are looking to hire, the faster those good applicants will be snapped up.

That’s where a recruitment agency like us comes in, to do the hard job of bringing those candidates and skills together with your business’ needs.  Don’t waste any time in starting your search to expand your workforce before all the best people for the job are gone.  And if you think you might want some help, get in touch with one of our specialist consultants and see who we can find for you.