Guest Blog: 5 Ways To Secure A Promotion At Work

5 Ways to Secure a Promotion

Promotions at work aren’t given simply because you’re having an annual review, although it’s a common time for promotions to occur.

Promotions are a reward for your commitment and value to the organisation and you need to prove to your employer why you’re worthy of one.

Here’s exactly how you can impress your boss over the coming months to help you secure that promotion you deserve:


1. Do your best work

Your performance is ultimately what will secure you a promotion. While we all have the odd bad day, you should strive to perform at your best and develop a strong reputation as an employee.

Give it your all by meeting and exceeding targets, becoming a client’s go-to person or delivering 110% every single time to become an indispensable asset.

Achieve great things now and your manager will want to keep you on and develop you so you can continue to bring success to the company.


2. Go the extra mile outside of your role

There are other aspects that signal “promotion” in addition to nailing your daily duties and responsibilities, such as being a team player and going beyond what’s expected of you.

We’re not suggesting that you should always say yes to ad hoc requests or do less of your role and more of others’. However, you should be open to picking up extra tasks when you are able to.

For example, if you can see a colleague struggling with their workload, offer to lend a hand. If you overhear your co-workers talking through a project and you have some beneficial insights, let them know. Or if the company is looking for volunteers for committees, put your services forward.

Not only does this show that you’re a team player, but also that you’re a reliable professional that everyone wants to work with.


3. Stay positive

A positive attitude goes a long way. There’s little benefit in signing up for extra tasks and working extremely hard if you’re going to moan about it along the way. You’re only going to bring yourself down and risk losing motivation, and you may take your team down with you.

By remaining positive, you increase your chances of securing a promotion because you show your manager that you’re the person to come to in a crisis and that you can handle yourself and your workload efficiently.


4. Be reliable and committed

Another way to prove that you’re worthy of a promotion is by being a reliable and committed professional.

Try to avoid taking more time off than you need or are allocated, or you may award yourself the reputation of being a sloucher. Instead, get to work on time, run a tight and efficient ship and your employer will see that you’re someone they can count on and trust to set an example.


5. Keep your boss in the know

If you want a promotion, it’s best to let your manager know that this is what you’re thinking about.

Regularly check in with your boss and make them aware of your long and short-term career goals to give them an idea of where you’re heading. They’ll be more likely to think of you if a more senior position arises.

Don’t be afraid to keep your manager regularly updated with your workplace achievements both big and small, so that they’re aware that you’re excelling.

Also, it’s worth informing your boss of other ways you’re demonstrating your commitment to the company and boosting your industry knowledge, such as taking a course. By keeping them in the loop regarding your professional development, you show that you will continue being a valuable asset to the team and worth promoting.


Laura Slingo is Digital Copywriter for the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library. For more expert advice on job searches, careers and the workplace, visit their Career Advice pages.