3 Reasons Bright Sparks have tidy desks!

By November 9, 2015 News

At Essential Personnel, we have a policy to keep our desks as tidy as possible.  Of course, how much we manage stick to that policy is always up for debate!  Keeping a clear desk is great for your productivity so we think all of Stockport’s Bright Sparks should have one.  Here’s why:


It keeps you organised

And everyone will know it! People will always make the joke that if there’s nothing on your desk then you aren’t doing any work, but the reality is that you’ll be doing your work more effectively.  You’ll know exactly where important documents and data are rather than waste time rummaging around for things.  If you’ve only get the task you’re working on in front of you, there’ll be no distractions from other things that also need to be done.


It’s great for you and your business’ image

What sort of company would you rather do business with? One where employees’ desks are piled high with clutter and confidential documents are left lying around?  Or one where workplaces look neat and tidy and exude organisation?  Potential and existing clients that you invite to visit are going to be put off if your business doesn’t look professional.


It’s good for your health

Keeping your workplace free of so-called “visual noise”, as well as being good for productivity, has also been shown to reduce stress.  Equally, less mess on your desk means fewer places for mouldy week old coffee cups and crumbs from your sandwiches to hide.  Making sure everything is cleared away can help to keep your work environment more hygienic, which is good for you, and for anyone that might need to borrow some stationery or take something from your desk.

Of course, some people think that working with a bit of clutter is better for them.  The idea that a bit of mess will ignite your creativity does ring true for some people, but it’s almost always true that your overall productivity will often still drop in a disorganised environment. And of course, as everything we do shifts to being paperless and online, the same rules apply to the virtual desktop on your PC too!

Do you think a tidy desk is important for getting your work done? Leave us a message on social media and let us know what you think!